Friday, April 25, 2014

Tips to Sell and Market Your Handcrafted Jewelry

One of the questions that I get asked most often is, "How do I sell my jewelry?" Even though I've spoken to groups about selling jewelry online and it's something I've done myself for awhile now, there's always more to learn and changes to keep up with, be it in online marketing, social media, web stores, or search engine tactics--or all of the above.

Selling homemade jewelry can be a difficult and competitive business to get into, but the popularity of online shopping can make the process a little more successful.

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If you are interested in turning your passion and talent for making custom jewelry into a business venture, you are going to need to know how to go about successfully selling your creations. Believe it or not, successfully selling your items can be harder than creating them.

This post was written by Maxine Wells, a freelance writer from Southern California."Tips for Selling Handmade Jewelry"

The word “handmade” evokes feelings of warmth, of comfort, of craftsmanship. Earlier this summer, I mentioned some cool niche sites serving the artisan community in my 19 new additions to a large ecommerce list.  Amazon and eBay are certainly well known marketplaces among those looking to sell just about anything, but niche marketplaces and communities are growing quickly. These 29 Marketplaces offer a way to buy and sell handmade goods.

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Everything Etsy by Kim Layton

Check out Meylah,
a new artisan online marketplace.