Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tips for your Business

Run Competitions by Kay Singh, Social Media Today

Running a competition is another very effective way to market your business. Use a good prize or reward to entice customers. It also gets people talking about your brand. Social media sites like Facebook can be great for promoting your competitions and can also attract new followers for your business.

Remember the little things by  Dave Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Writer

Sometimes, little touches can go a long way in helping to spread the word about your business. This holds especially true in the digital world. Simple ways to reach customers include the following:

  • Send handwritten thank-you notes.
  • Send birthday cards and appropriate seasonal greetings.
  • Give away hats, pens, mouse pads or mugs with your logo on them.
  • Return phone calls promptly

50+ Ways To Market Your Home Business by Mindy Lilyquist,

Create a website yourself using a free or low cost online website design and hosting partner. 
Create a blog for your business and post relevant articles and tips

A newsletter helps you keep in touch with your current customers and tap into a market of potential customers. Your newsletter shouldn't be used to send ads to your customers, though. Use your newsletter to provide your customers with valuable information that makes you the company they remember when they're ready to buy.

Business cards by Jennifer Mullins, Yahoo Contributor Network

Many companies offer amazing deals on business cards. Make sure all of your employees have their own cards. This is perhaps the most obvious form of marketing and it is by far one of the most effective. Give your business card out at every opportunity. Scribble notes to others on them, leave them with other businesses, and hand them out to all people - not just the ones who fit your niche customers. If you make a lot of email transactions you may want to have a digital copy of your business card to include in each email.

Top Five Free And Easy Ways To Market Your Business Online by BusinessVictoria

Create a Facebook Page for Business With over one billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social networking site. Creating a Facebook Page is not only a great way to attract new clients - it is also effective for building closer relationships with your current clients and re-engaging old ones. Just think of a Facebook Page as an online community for your business..

A picture paints a thousand words - and sites like Animoto now make it easy to create a video for free. Create weekly podcasts packed with tips or demos, bring customer testimonials to life, or post your videos on YouTube and Vimeo and drive increased traffic to your website..

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that advertising and websites are the only two ways to attract more business. You can market your small business in literally hundreds of ways, so it pays to know what they are and then eliminate the ones that won’t work, or that you can’t afford, up-front.

An elevator pitch: In the course of marketing your business you’ll get asked thousands of times ‘What do you do?’ Don’t make the mistake of boring the poor person who asked the question. Make sure you have a fun, interesting and memorable pitch ready at all times — and be able to deliver it in the time it takes to travel a few floors in an elevator. 

Attend networking events. It’s not what you know, but who you know. Get out there and network — meet and greet. You can never have too many friends in life, even if they don’t end up as customers.


Every time you send an email, it’s a chance to remind your followers and new contacts what you do. Take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t be spam-my. Don’t overdo it. Just provide a concise message to jog their memory and get them to click over to your site every once in a while. 

Here’s my signature. 

Amber Singleton Riviere

Often This seems simple enough. Many people who are just starting out with their small business do a great job of designing their letterhead, but then do not make good use of this low cost advertising. After creating your letterhead, use it to make sincere inquires about products and services. Write thank you letters on it. You do not need to print your letters on expensive paper. What matters is that you do some letter writing and that your letterhead communicates a professional message that is easy to read. Avoid using fonts that are difficult to read. Many creative fonts look beautiful, but have so many swirls and serifs that it is hard to tell if you are looking at a picture or reading words. Think clean, simple, and effective.

The best advice I can give for a local business is to contribute to those in your community. It will come back to you ten-fold. If there is a fundraiser going on in your area, then BE THERE. Be sure that any monetary contributions are made in the name of your business. Give generously to those around you, and they'll remember your contribution. Word gets around that "Joe Schmoe, who runs the local dry cleaners, gave $100 to the church fund". Not only will you get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you helped those who support you, you'll get that support back from the locals and become known as a person who cares for those around him. Your name will become synonymous with your business name...just be sure that BOTH project your professional identity.

 I'm always surprised when a small business doesn't take advantage of pay-per-click advertising. Usually they reason it out of their budget by saying that it's only useful for big companies with a widespread brand -- that couldn't be more wrong. Google AdWords, for example, is one of the most targeted forms of advertising you can buy into. They even recently launched Google AdWords Express , which automatically determines the most common search phrases for your type of business and plugs your ad anytime those phrases are searched for by someone who lives close to you. If nothing else, it increases awareness as people begin to see your business's name pop up in their search results. It is also cheap, and the analytics are easy to digest, so there isn't any reason to not test it out at least once.

This part is simple. Get on one of the numerous services and purchase an online name that fits with your business. 
In most cases, you'll need to personalize it in some way (like "") because all the easy URLs (" are already owned.

Today I have a very sincere message for every business owner out there that is using social media to promote and market their business…

Stop having one night stands on your social media channels. 

If you really want to utilize this medium to grow your business, then start getting married, instead. 

Let me explain my thoughts Chris C. Ducker

An Artist Business Guide by Padraig McCaul