Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Ways to Market Your Side Business While You Sleep by Ryan Eggenberger

Now that you have your shiny new side business up and running, you need to market it. In other words, you need to spread the word about what you are doing.
When I started blogging, my main goal was to get the word out about my blog. I had two common problems though: I didn’t have time to market, and I didn’t have any money.
Lucky for you, I am going to share what I learned through hours of research, interviews, and events. What I learned were the secrets to marketing a new business or blog online…all for free!
Here are 3 great ways to market your business while you sleep. Try them out and see if they work:

1. Start Blogging Today

If you don’t have a blog, start one today. Blogging is a no-brainer, and everybody should be doing it. By writing a blog, you can position yourself to become an expert in any field — including your business.
On top of positioning yourself of an expert, blogging produces loads of other great benefits. My favorite feature of using a blog as a marketing tool is the passive and residual impact it creates for you.
It’s important to understand what I’m talking about when I say “residual”. Residual or passive means “over and over.”
For example, once you write a post and the content is published, it’s out there for people to see- forever. A prospective customer can read the post tomorrow, next month, or next year, and it will still have the same impact.
You put in the work now, and the benefits (or sales) will continue forever.
Lastly, writing great content on your blog and sharing what you know with potential customers creates a soft-sell. Your readers will gain trust in you over time and will be more apt to purchase your product or service.

2. Use Automation Tools for Marketing

Everybody knows that you need to be on social media these days. It is the best way to get the word out and market to potential customers.
But how can you tweet and update Facebook all day, every day?
Enter tools like Hootsuite. Hootsuite is my favorite because I can use it to pre-schedule tweets and status updates. I usually sit down every Sunday to plan out my week on social media.
Even when I’m sleeping, eating dinner with my family, or working on other projects, my content is being marketed to my networks.
There are other tools in addition to Hootsuite, such as Buffer and Tweetdeck. All of these tools have separate and different features that can help you market your content.

3. Hire an Intern

Interns are the best. By hiring an intern, you can get more work done while providing the intern with real-world experience in business and marketing.
Hiring an intern who is excited to work and ready to learn is a win-win situation for you and them.
If you hire an intern, you can employ them for three to twelve hours a week. They can help do research for marketing outlets, or they can spend time on your social media. Whatever you want, they can do.
Be careful not to take advantage of your intern. You can do this by coaching them through the work they are doing for you. Teach them the behind-the-scenes to your business, and give them other opportunities to contribute.
Interns are easy to find. You can find interns by asking on Facebook, emailing somebody with kids in high school or college, or just go to the local community college’s intern department.