Thursday, January 5, 2012


What is exhibbit?

The driving passion behind 'exhibbit' is the concept of freeing art and the artist from the limitations of the physical exhibition space.
An 'exhibbit' virtual exhibition provides the artist with unlimited space to work with, as well as a stunning environment to showcase their art.
Our company, 3d Ltd has been on the cutting edge of digital animation for over 25 years.
During that time we have produced beautiful and memorable animations for some of the worlds top agencies and companies, as well as the film and television industry. If you’ve seen the Sanitarium Honey Bees or the Marley duck, jet-skiing around the guttering you’ll be familiar with our work.
We have been continuously developing 'exhibbit' for 6 years now. Our latest virtual gallery spaces really do rival the finest bricks and mortar galleries for ambiance, decor and lighting. See for yourself by visiting one of our online exhibitions.
During this time we have seen the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
These global communities provide 'exhibbit's' artists with amazing scope to launch Art exhibitions to a world wide audience of millions, never before seen.
We’re about to revolutionize the ways in which art can be viewed, managed shared and purchased.