Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Artrustee – Art investment and assessment has never been clearer.

Artrustee is a ground breaking all-in-one art market research and assessment center that provides advanced practical tools for art investment, estimation and assessment.

Artrustee bridges over the art and financial worlds by increasing market transparency and providing art market intelligence  through in-depth reports, analysis and today’s most updated art indexes.

Artrustee conducts profound research of regional art markets and their correlation and relation to the international art markets.

Artrustee's unique methodology to art estimation and assessment, truly mitigates the challenge of providing relevant regional art market information as well as cover a whole range of relevant assessment criteria’s such as regional art scene, artist’s value on both local as well as global level, ROI  and more!

Artrustee’s indices set a new standard of qualitative reference to local as well as global art market activity and provide economic as well as empiric point of view of the regional art market.

Artrustee mission in Israel: (http://www.artrustee.com/)
  • Promote and increase the awareness of the Israeli art market and Israeli artists worldwide.
  • Increase the influence and strengthen Israeli art position both on the global and local market by revealing Israeli art and providing supportive information to facilitate the art investment decision making process.