Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Art-e, Hyperrealists Paintings

Never stop to admire the hyperrealistic art , we are more than six billion inhabitants and barely spend a hundred artists hyper, are geniuses in our consideration of the visual arts, people with a talent for playing to the extremes almost photographic reality, and including nearly beating out the photo, this ability can not go unnoticed, at least not make the diffusion they deserve and that is our intention with this page, here we are trying to gather as many links to pages of hyper-realistic painters, trying to make a selection and separation of the hyper-realistic and surreal, the hyper-realism born in the United States and although they never formed as a group, the first exhibitions that were known Image Photo Realistic and 22 realistic painters, both in New York in mid of the sixties. By that time the fashion style of art was abstract the realism was seen as a mere copy of reality, now the story has changed even though many think the same thing, for the most the hyper-realistic painters has a talent that surpasses any criticism, one of the features of the painting is the hyper-end finish of the paintings hyper-realistic painters trying not to leave marks of brushstrokes on the canvas until almost do not seem that a person was capable of doing such work.