Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Make Logos By Daniel J. Gansle

A corporate logo is the visual communication of the company's business. Logos are inherently part of the company's marketing and branding. Without a vibrant, eye-catching logo that communicates who the company is and what they're about, sales languish. Here's how to create a logo:

  • Log on to your computer and open Adobe Illustrator.
  • Consider what the logo should communicate from a business perspective. What is the company's mission? What are its products and services? How are all these aspects of the company best communicated through a corporate logo? 
  • Consider logo design and branding. What shape should the logo take? What text and/or graphics should be employed? How can you ensure consistent branding across other forms of marketing communication?
  • Using Illustrator tools, design several versions of your logo idea. This step is equivalent to brainstorming - you want several logo samples to choose from. Generally, you will want to use a 4-color process in CMYK to design the logo.
  • When you are finished designing the final version of the logo, save the file as a PDF and send it off to the printer. Your printer may also require you to send them the original Illustrator file along with all linked files.