Monday, October 19, 2009

Global Art Collectors

We are a crew of Art Collectors from diverged arena of life. Our obligating urge is to contribute the IT revolution of the century, the Internet, to the verge of Global Art ensued in the nativity of this unfeigned extensive site which not only makes Global artifacts commercially available through the net, but is also instructive, informative and indeed encourages global Arts by rendering a assembly to artists, especially some budding and brightly endowed ones for exhibiting and marketing their creations globally through our site and to the educates and evaluators of global art, a prospect to be a part of the Global Art Collectors where they can discourse, contend and discover more about global Art peculiarly the wealth of so far undiscovered prospects. And also to Gatherers and Cognoscenti, mystifying compendiums of global art work in an exclusive store to select and order from any corner of the world